Auction Masterpost November 14 2018, 0 Comments

Updated 11/18

The Marble Hornets auction is in its final stages! This is the last chance to get one of a kind props and costumes while also getting your name on issue one of the MH comic!


Here's all the things currently up for auction:

Upcoming auctions:

  • Jay's brown hoodie
  • Operator shirt
  • Operator tie
  • Operator jacket

Completed auctions


This post will be updated throughout the coming weeks with all the latest auctions!

Season 3 Restocking April 27 2018, 3 Comments

Hey friends,

I'm currently working on getting the Season 3 DVDs reprinted and restocked. A lot of you have been asking about it, so I'm working as fast as I can to get it back in the store. It might take a while due to logistics and financing, but I do plan to have it available again around late summer.

In the meantime, I've discounted the Season 3 Download (as well as the other seasons) if you want to check that out, which has all the video files from the DVD included!


Cyberhawk Is Back November 28 2017, 3 Comments

Cyberhawk just melted my door with his laser vision and then used said laser vision to CUT PRICES on lots of THINGS for the whole week!
Here's the damage:
  • All DVD downloads: 35% OFF
  • All physical DVDs: 15% OFF
  • All shirts: 10% OFF
  • All stickers: 30% OFF
  • Wristbands: 50% OFF
  • Mystery Shirt: 40% OFF

The sale lasts through Monday December 4th!

FWAN Is Now Grampo Co! September 09 2017, 0 Comments

Attention friends!

Since I never really felt committed to FWAN like I did back when THAC was a thing, I've decided to rebrand one more time. As of today, FishWithANose is now Grampo Co. This is something I've been wrestling with a bit lately but have finally decided to commit to it. Why work under a name that you're not happy with, right?

What does this mean for everyone? Not a whole heck of a lot, really. I've put in permanent redirects for both and to here so no one gets left behind in the change. Aside from the logo at the top, everything is exactly the same as before here!

Expect new things soon on all fronts, which you can keep up with via the official Discord channel, which you can find over at the main site. See you there!


Cyberhawk's Week of Cyber Mondays Returns Again! November 27 2016, 0 Comments

Cyberhawk has broken down the door again and blasted all of the merch with ray...??? All week long the following stuff is on sale:

  • All DVD downloads: 35% OFF
  • All physical DVDs: 15% OFF
  • All shirts: 20% OFF
  • All stickers: 30% OFF
  • Posters: 25% OFF
  • Wristbands: 50% OFF

Cyberhawk's Week of Cyber Mondays! November 30 2015, 1 Comment

It returns! All week long, everything on the store is on sale, courtesy of your pal Cyberhawk. He busted in here and lasered prices like a real standup guy.
  • Marble Hornets Season 3 DVDs: 25% OFF
  • Marble Hornets Season 1 and 2 DVDs: 30% OFF
  • Marble Hornets Season 1 (Ver. 1) DVD: 50% OFF
  • Marble Hornets Complete Blu rays: 20% OFF
  • Marble Hornets Complete DVD Box Sets: 15% OFF
  • Blu ray Special Features Digital Download: 40% OFF
  • All Posters: 30% OFF
  • All Marble Hornets Shirts: 25% OFF
  • THAC Shirt Club Shirts: 10% OFF
  • All Stickers: 25% OFF
  • The THAC Pin: 35% OFF
  • Disc only Season 1 and Wristbands: 20% OFF

Store Updates November 11 2015, 7 Comments

Hello cute little cupcakes,

We've recently made quite a few changes to the store. Here's a breakdown of everything new:

  • The new THAC Shirt Club tshirt is now available! Check it out over here.
  • Speaking of the shirt club, we've partnered with a new printer that does things a bit differently from our old method. Previously, all of the shirt club items were set up like pre-orders, where we'd take orders for a month before getting them printed and sent out. This ended up taking wayyyy too long, and we don't want to make all of you wait unnecessarily for things you purchase. We've now done away with the pre-order setup! After you purchase a shirt club tshirt, you can expect it at your door in 3-6 days! Horray!
  • From now on, shirt club tshirts will be available in women's sizes along with unisex. We've wanted this for a long time and are stoked to make it an option now. We're working on extending this sizing to all of our other shirts as well and will keep you updated.
  • As many of you have already heard, Joseph and Tim recently left THAC. We wish them both the best on their future endeavors! However, their departure has affected a few products, namely the THAC Shirt and the THAC Poster. They have now been put on clearance sale and will be discontinued after being sold out. Get 'em while you can!
  • We want to hear from you on things you'd like to be added to the store! We'll be sharing a survey on here soon that you can fill out to let us know any feedback you have about things offered on the store and things you'd like to see offered in the future. 

State of the THACnation September 01 2015, 0 Comments

Greetings, all! Last month was pretty h*cking busy what with Clear Lakes 44 launching, us going to our first RTX, and our t-shirt club goal being met on Patreon! We don't want to talk too much about CL44 just yet and you can check out the troyhasacamera YouTube channel for a taste of RTX. With that in mind, this update is going to be focused mainly on the newly-established t-shirt club and some updates to the store.

First up, let's get business out of the way! You may have noticed that the Season 3 DVDs had a very short return to the store and that we are out of a couple of sizes of shirts. Fear not, we have good news! They are coming back. An order for shirt refills and more Season 3s than we will probably ever need has been placed and will both be in before the end of September. Whenever something comes back in stock, we will post about it on our THAC social media profiles to give you a heads-up.

Now for some mixed news regarding t-shirts. As of a few months ago, the price our vendor gets our shirts for changed to be more expensive. We tried to offset this by switching to a different brand that is also that super soft cotton that we love so dearly but those shirts have now gone up as well. We have decided that instead of switching to a cheaper alternative, that we value our shirts being as comfy as h*ck and will be sticking with our now-slightly-pricier option. In order to do this, the prices of all t-shirt will be adjusted to $20 instead of the old $15 price point.

DON'T WORRY THOUGH, we know this is all very sudden and we don't want people that have been eyeing our shirts and saving to get screwed over by the announcement. To that end, the shirts that are currently $15 will stay that way until the end of September. After that, the adjustment will go through.

The nice part about this change, though, is that it gives us a freedom with future shirt designs that we didn't necessarily have before. That means you'll be seeing more multi-colored shirts in the future like our fancy THAC shirt along with lots of varied and ~exotic~ colors! With that in mind, we have lots of ideas for new designs for shirts now that the Official THAC Shirt Club is starting.
That brings be to the next point, THE OFFICIAL THAC SHIRT CLUB! Thanks to the support of you, our amazing fans, we hit our goal to make a monthly shirt club. This is our first attempt at something like this but we feel we have a good plan of attack laid out which I will share with you now!

Step 1: Check out these designs!

Wow! These sure are swell! To kick off the monthly shirt club, we decided to actually give you two designs! We decided on one that is probably the most requested design we get suggested to us by fans, a grapefruit shirt. What is his secret? Only the fruit knows. Secondly, we wanted to make a nice, classy-as-h*ck design to commemorate the people that helped make all this happen! Wear it proud and scream at passersby that you are better than them because you have a shirt that they will never know the joy of owning. Oh how they will weep.

Note: We will have preview images of what the shirts will look like with more accurate colors this week!

Step 2: Ordering these freakin' shirts!

Product pages for the new shirts can be found here:

So here's how it works. We will leave these designs available for PRE-ORDER for exactly one month. The shirts will be the $20 we talked about a bit earlier unless we get real crazy. Maybe we'll decide to do something like a hoodie I don't know I'm just spit balling here. On October 1st, the designs will be replaced by a new shirt and we will place the final order for the grapefruit and founding members shirts. The turnaround for the shirts is ~2 weeks and once we get those, we will start mailing them out. Domestic orders generally take a couple of days to arrive and international orders vary but estimated delivery time is ~15 days.

When you place your order, it will be exactly the same as any other transaction on our store. You'll select your size and put in all your shipping information and email address. Once the shirts are sent out, you'll receive an email with a tracking number so you can follow your fancy shirts across the globe! If you have reason to believe that your order was not sent out at the proper time, feel free to send us an email at

Step 3: Next month and onward!

Remember how I told you that the designs would be replaced on October 1st? Well November 1st and design will replace THAT one. Know what will happen on December 1st? A new design will replace November's design. You can expect one design per month at the minimum, and likely that will be the case most of the time. However, there may be cases like this month where we decide that we are feeling spicy and decide to do more. This will continue forever. I mean it. Literally forever.

Here's the catch. The designs are only available for pre-order and once the month-long window for pre-orders closes, that's it! We may have a few extras here and there but they won't be appearing on the online store again. So if you like a design, you've got 30-31 days to pull the trigger (except for February, that tricky 28-day-having jerk).

If there is a design you'd like to suggest, feel free to on the forums at !

Oh one last thing... You remember that little Dungeons and Dragons series we do called We're On A Quest? Well guess what, we are gonna make our triumphant return on September 11th and there is nothing you can do about it! Well you probably could but please don't because we are really excited to be doing that again.

That about wraps it up from us here at THAC HQ. We hope you are all as excited about the Official THAC Shirt Club as we are, as well as all of our future videos (of which there will be many)!

Digital downloads launch! July 30 2015, 0 Comments

We've now made the special features included on the Bluray edition of the complete Marble Hornets available for digital download. It's our first foray into offering this and we're super excited that it's now an option for everyone.

Here's the store link

Additionally, these are now included FREE with every purchase of the physical Bluray complete series, and will be emailed to you instantly after your purchase. Convenient!

Finally, don't worry if you've already purchased the Bluray. You didn't miss out! Simply send an email to with your original order number and name, and we'll send a download link back.

We're looking into offering more items this way, so if you have any requests or suggestions, let us know!

Connecticon Schedule July 09 2015, 0 Comments

Any times that we're not at these events, we'll be at our booth in the dealers room! It's located on the far left wall after walking in the entrance. Look for the banner!

  • Opening Ceremonies: 1pm-2pm in Main Events
    • We'll be here for introductions only, then we'll be back at our table.
  • Marble Hornets Live Commentary: 11pm-12am in Phoenix-Cityside Hallway (CTCC Room 22). 
    • We're showing an all new teaser for the new series at the end of this one!


  • Marble Hornets and THACtv Q&A: 3:30pm-4:30pm in Special Events 1 - Marriott
    • We're showing a teaser for a new THAC series here!
  • Pet Project Live with THACtv: 6pm-7:20pm in Kraken - Riverside Hallway (CTCC Room 11-13)
    • This is an audience participation improv game. Everyone that participates gets free stuff!


  • Press Junket
    • Come talk to us please!