Frequently Asked Questions

Can I email you about the store?
Absolutely. Send any questions or problems you have to If you have a question, check below to make sure it isn't already answered here.
Do I need a Paypal account?
Nope. While payments can optionally be handled through Paypal, you do not need an account in order to checkout.
How soon will my order ship?
We ship orders out on Tuesdays and Fridays. If you place an order on one of those days, it'll be shipped out on the following shipping day (ex: place an order Tuesday and it'll ship Friday). This is to allow you time to make any corrections to your address if necessary. You will receive an email notification when your order has shipped.
How long will the order take to arrive?
Once we ship it out on one of the above days, expect domestic orders to arrive in about 2-4 days. International can take two weeks or more depending upon where you are.
Do I get a tracking number?
For all DVD and/or tshirt orders, you will receive a tracking number in your email once the order has been marked as shipped. You can track your order directly on the site here. Sticker-only orders don't receive tracking since they are sent in standard, stamped envelopes.
Who is the shipping provider?
Both domestic and international orders are handled through the United States Postal Service.
Can you sign the stickers?
Due to the material of the stickers, it tends to wear off very easily. Signing options are only available on DVDs for the time being.