Cyberhawk Rises for the biggest Cyberweek yet

It's the most Cyberful week of the year again. Cyberhawk has risen from his mysterious slumber to bring forth the annual WEEK OF CYBER MONDAYS!

Along with the traditional big ol' discounts throughout the store, Cyberhawk has also blessed us with Issue Two of Marble Hornets pre-orders officially beginning! They are set to begin shipping in early February.

Along with this, there are now a VERY limited number of signed editions of Issue One available here. Get em while you can!

Finally, a brand new Dumpster shirt has been unearthed from the infinite landfill. Check it out here

Here's the full list of discounts:

  • Marble Hornets Issue 1 digital and print 10% OFF (signed edition excluded)
  • All DVD downloads: 40% OFF
  • All physical DVDs: 20% OFF
  • All shirts 10% OFF
  • All stickers 20%OFF 
  • Mystery shirts 50% OFF 


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