Shipping update

Hey everyone,

Thank you so much for your patience with the supply issues we've been dealing with since November. I'm happy to report that we now have plenty of the comic issues in stock and ready to ship. All backed up orders should either be to you already or on the way. If you haven't received a shipping confirmation email for an order you placed last year, please let us know immediately by emailing store [at] with your order number.


For everyone in Australia

The United States Postal service will still not deliver packages to you. Apparently it's because of COVID, but why it's only for Australia is a mystery to me.

If you are in Australia and still awaiting an order, you have three options:

  • Sit tight and wait for the restriction to be lifted. As soon as it is, we'll get your order in the mail to you.
  • Pay for shipping through DHL. Send us an email with your order number and request the amount you would need to pay for this. It will vary depending on the size of your order, but on average it seems to be $15-$30 extra. I know it's steep, I'm sorry.
  • Cancel your order. I will understand, don't worry! You can do so by emailing us with your order number.


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