About THAC Charity August 05 2014, 4 Comments

Oh yeah, something we forgot to mention.

If you were fairly familiar with the old store, you may notice that the THAC Charity section is missing on this new one. We haven't become money grubbing buttdweebs sitting around dressed like the monopoly man or anything, we're just currently reevaluating our setup for it. We're planning on having charity specific items in the near future. On the old store, you got the exact same product if you ordered the charity version of it as you would if you just ordered the cheaper non-charity version of it. That made the incentive to donate not all that great, and the idea as a whole a bit redundant, so now we're trying to fix that with some new sticker designs.

We're still staying with Petsmart Charities and the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation as our two charities starting out, but we're definitely looking to expand to others in the future.

Thanks so much to everyone who donated via the old store, and we'll have THAC Charity up and running again soon!