A note from us July 31 2014, 1 Comment

Hey there,

We're really excited to have our new storefront up and running! THAC has grown and we wanted to upgrade the store to show that growth. With this new setup, we're able to better handle orders and make the process of buying stuff more streamlined. You no longer need to use Paypal to complete your orders (although it's still an option), and can now make a store account that will remember all of your shipping and payment preferences for you so you don't need to enter them in more than once. But don't worry, making an account isn't required. That'd be dumb. It's just there now if you'd like it.

We've currently got a sale going on for the weekend, where all of our merchandise will be listed at their original prices in the old store. However, after the sale is over, our prices will be increasing just a little bit. Why? Our previous prices were held over from the original pre-THAC store, and after running this little enterprise ourselves for the last several months, we had the realization that our pricing model would not be sustainable with our current and upcoming overhead costs, both for reprinting current items and introducing new merchandise. Obviously we still wanted to keep the prices fair, and we hope we were able to accomplish that. 

Thank you all so much for supporting our endeavors over the years, and we can't wait to have our new DVDs up on the shop soon (Season 3 DVDs and the DVD box set by the end of August, with the Blu-Ray set following shortly after)!


-Troy, Joseph and Tim