FWAN Is Now Grampo Co!

Attention friends!

Since I never really felt committed to FWAN like I did back when THAC was a thing, I've decided to rebrand one more time. As of today, FishWithANose is now Grampo Co. This is something I've been wrestling with a bit lately but have finally decided to commit to it. Why work under a name that you're not happy with, right?

What does this mean for everyone? Not a whole heck of a lot, really. I've put in permanent redirects for both store.thac.tv and store.fwan.tv to here so no one gets left behind in the change. Aside from the logo at the top, everything is exactly the same as before here!

Expect new things soon on all fronts, which you can keep up with via the official Discord channel, which you can find over at the main site. See you there!


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