Store Updates November 11 2015, 7 Comments

Hello cute little cupcakes,

We've recently made quite a few changes to the store. Here's a breakdown of everything new:

  • The new THAC Shirt Club tshirt is now available! Check it out over here.
  • Speaking of the shirt club, we've partnered with a new printer that does things a bit differently from our old method. Previously, all of the shirt club items were set up like pre-orders, where we'd take orders for a month before getting them printed and sent out. This ended up taking wayyyy too long, and we don't want to make all of you wait unnecessarily for things you purchase. We've now done away with the pre-order setup! After you purchase a shirt club tshirt, you can expect it at your door in 3-6 days! Horray!
  • From now on, shirt club tshirts will be available in women's sizes along with unisex. We've wanted this for a long time and are stoked to make it an option now. We're working on extending this sizing to all of our other shirts as well and will keep you updated.
  • As many of you have already heard, Joseph and Tim recently left THAC. We wish them both the best on their future endeavors! However, their departure has affected a few products, namely the THAC Shirt and the THAC Poster. They have now been put on clearance sale and will be discontinued after being sold out. Get 'em while you can!
  • We want to hear from you on things you'd like to be added to the store! We'll be sharing a survey on here soon that you can fill out to let us know any feedback you have about things offered on the store and things you'd like to see offered in the future.