About Dumpster Shirts

Dumpster Shirts is all about making shirts that have little to no context that are either stupid, artistic, or both. All designs are done by Peyton and Troy unless otherwise noted.

Peyton is an artist based in Georgia who makes lots of different things, many of which involve skulls. She's a hermit that lives inside a cave at the top of a mountain like a spooky witch, but she also has a Tumblr that you can find here: https://absolutelyfuckingdelightful.tumblr.com/


  • How long does shipping take?
    • Most orders within the US will arrive within a week from ordering. Outside of the US, depending on your location, it will take longer than that. Tracking numbers are provided for all orders.
  • What if I want a color that isn't offered?
    • Send an email to store@grampo.co and we'll work with you to figure something out!
  • Which of you made what shirt?
    • We both work together on all of the shirts. Typically, Peyton does the sketching and designing while Troy does digitization and cleanup.
  • Why does it say "beta"?
    • We're still making new designs, and one day we hope to have Dumpster Shirts on its own dedicated store. For now though, it lives on the Grampo Co. store.

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